EuroNomix prevents erroneous mixes

EuroNomix is an active product indicator, which prevents the mixing of products. This smart, durable and affordable system is based on the use of a mechanical identification key, which makes the loading of the wrong substance practically impossible.

Petrol, diesel and heating oil all require their own keys. Loading information is received from the fuel loading arm to ensure that it is in the correct position also during unloading. EuroNomix improves the quality and safety of deliveries.

Various versions of EuroNomix are available, in which the particular needs of various different target areas are catered for, such as for unloading and loading carried out around certain European countries. EuroNomix is easy to install and use.


EuroNomix is easy and quick to install and use.


The product indicator works with a quality-specific loading key, which activates the right valves. This prevents the selection and mixing of the wrong fuel type in both unloading and loading.