Futura monitors on your behalf

Futura is an integrated tank vehicle control and monitoring system designed for demanding conditions, which offers unparalleled reliability and cost-effectiveness. 

Futura helps the driver of the tanker in all tasks, equally as reliably in loading, unloading and suction. The system prevents human errors and speeds up work, simultaneously improving the quality of the whole delivery service. Flexible and open, Futura is easily adapted for different kinds of delivery tasks, vehicles and equipment.

Monitoring empty and full tanks

With the help of Futura, the driver can be sure that no residual product remains in storage tanks from previous deliveries. This is needed particularly in the loading of motor fuel and in the delivery of fuel to petrol stations.

Detecting purity and sulphur content

Futura recognises different products and prevents the loading of motor fuel into a tank compartment still containing a product with a high sulphur content, such as combustible oil.

Delivery system for a sealed compartment

Futura enables you to deliver electronically-sealed compartments. Futura continuously monitors valves and sensors and even the positions of tank covers. In this way, it can be ensured that the unloaded and loaded volumes are the same. For compartmental deliveries, a receipt is also printed.

Communication with the cabin computer

Futura is able to communicate with different cabin computer systems. It is able to receive the delivery information from the cabin computer and send precise information about the completed unloading to the cabin computer after the delivery has taken place.

Preventing product contamination and errors

Futura can be set up alongside an active EuroNomix product recognition system. Loading details can also be received from the cabin computer or from the warehouse system. During unloading, Futura ensures that the opened compartment corresponds to the customer order received from the cabin computer.

A detailed log information system

Futura registers all loading and unloading events as well as changes to sensor information in an itemised log file. The log is easily transferred, for example, to a PC for further processing.