Fuel transportation

Northern liquid fuel transportation

Transporting fuel with Eurotank’s tank trucks is safe and cost-effective. We manufacture aluminium tank trucks for the chassis chosen by the customer. Our solutions are based on customer-specific designs and a thorough knowledge of the particular needs in practice and of the target area. Our durable tanks are easily adapted to meet to the demands of oil companies and legal requirements. 

Designed especially for fuel transportation, our tanks are elliptical in form, which has many advantages. The centre of gravity of an elliptical tank is low, which means better stability. It is also shorter than a cylindrical tank of the same volume, which improves driveability and handling. The insulation of our tanks allows for vast temperature variation. The robust chassis structures can handle even the poorest of road conditions and the tanks are easily cleaned of snow and dirt. It is easy to construct a broad and secure operating space on the roof of an elliptical tank.

Difference is in the details

In the development of structures and the selection of parts, the most important criteria are safety, reliability, effectiveness and ease of use.

Eurotank products are full of smart innovations, such as:

  • The pneumatic manifold is user and maintenance friendly, a modern solution.
  • Overfill prevention devices, pneumatic air valves and a separate gas collection line are fitted into the cover as standard.
  • Openable side casings keep the hoses clean and quickly accessible for use.
  • Integrated side casings and easily opened undercarriage guards.
  • The rear spoiler helps to keep the rear of the tank clean.
  • A pneumatic manifold, hoses, gauges and control units are set up so as to be easily accessible.
  • There is enough space in the through storage compartment to include ADR safety equipment, a spare wheel or even an oil drum.