Traditional expertise, the latest know-how

Tank vehicles have been manufactured in Kangasala since the 1950s. From the days of Säiliörakenne Veljekset Mesiranta, a vast and varied expertise has borne the name of Eurotank since 1983.

Since the beginning, the success of the company has been down to having the best know-how in the business and the ability to find progressive solutions. For example, we were making aluminium tank vehicles at the end of the 1960s – more than 20 years before our competitors.

In addition to operating in the Nordic countries since it was founded, Eurotank also operates in the Baltic States and in Russia. For a long time now, exports have accounted for more than two thirds of our operations. The ability to identify the particular needs in targets areas based on experience is one of the company’s most important strengths, even as we tackle the modern challenges of the new millennium.